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LiVi Construction is a part of LiVi Group family, that provides to its clients both interior and exterior renovation and remodeling services. Our mission is to provide to our clients a group of professional team, that will implement their desires to reality by offering turnkey solutions.

An integrated team of designers, engineers, construction managers and personnel will support the renovation/remodeling projects from scratch until the final result.

The 3 factors that are highly valued in our company is Quality, Communication and Control, and due to our need to provide to our clients best quality and control LiVi Group has also another daughter company named LiVi Custom Furniture.

We value our clients comfort and time, and because of that we took responsibility to our own hands and provide full array of services required for remodeling/renovations.

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LiVi Group provides full package of services, which includes; repainting, refacing cabinets, installing new light fixtures, replacing tiles or flooring, replacing windows, replacing outdated services, electrical remodeling, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, removing walls, raising ceiling, changing the layout of rooms, and etc.

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